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After a joyful celebration of 9:30 Easter Mass at Sacred Heart Church, the Sacred Heart Knights again hosted a free Easter breakfast in the parish hall for all of our parishioners. The meal featured a delicious menu of eggs with bacon, sausage, ham and cheese, plus french toast, fruit, and a variety of tasty pastries. Thanks to all who attended on this blessed day to celebrate our Risen Lord! Alleluia!
It's always sad when we pack up the fryolater after the last fish fry of the year, but it is certainly rewarding to feed the largest turnout of the Lenten season! It was also awesome to see two of our recent Knights of Columbus scholarship awardees, Johnny and Brianna, there to help out with preparing dinner! Thanks to all of who stopped by after the Stations of the Cross to enjoy a meal in our parish hall and enjoy the company of their fellow parishioners!
Don't these guys ever rest? Not when there are mouths to feed! Several of the Sacred Heart Knights volunteered alongside our fellow parishioners to prepare and serve food at Sacred Heart Parish's St Patrick's Day dinner! What a delicious feast of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Sláinte!
As we approach the end of this year's Lenten Fish Fries, it was great to see another excellent turnout of parishioners after the Stations of the Cross. Special thanks to Morgan for filling in for Father Charles during Stations while Father was away!
Is it the fish? Or is it the Jeopardy trivia? I bet it's both that are driving these great turnouts! Thanks to all of who stopped by after the Stations of the Cross to enjoy a meal in our parish hall and enjoy the company of their fellow parishioners!

Yesterday the dinner at the Listen Center went very well. The rain, and election day in VT, may have lessened the number of folks who made it out, but we still served 50 or so meals and packed up the leftovers to be most likely eaten today for lunch. This was only my second time being here, but I have a much better grasp at how it all works/goes down so please bear with me here as I give a recap. I am not the point person for any of this, but it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor to see how the Center helps our community, and it only ever Works if members of our community help the Center. https://www.listencs.org/

The picture below is "the master schedule" for the month of March - big dry erase board/calendar that everyone can see at any time they arrive.

The center at 42 Maple Street in White River Junction serves meals each night Mon- Friday 4:30 - 5:30. What Felipe set up is that Sacred Heart Church is committed to the first Tuesday of each Odd Numbered Month of the year. (So the next Committed Day for Our Parish is May 7th).

The lady running everything likes the help (of course) and when she Knows that there will be a decent sized group (like our Church) coming, the meals can be a little more exciting/complicated- we put together Pork Lo Mein yesterday- involved cutting pork, peppers, onions, carrots, cabbage. Prepping the egg rolls and the noodles and the special sauce, putting it all together and then serving. Some of the groups are a little more high school/college oriented- so those folks typically prep a slightly less complicated meal.

It is Quite the system. The center has 2 or 3 "mostly full time volunteers"... so on days when No community group has specifically said that they will show up (and the calendar says "Open"), they try to keep the meal even more simple, but occasionally they run into heartache and can almost always just use another set of hands.

Yesterday went very well, the church showed up, and the meal was a success. On this master calendar however, there are plenty of dates that just say "Open"... on those dates, anything may happen. The volunteers at the Center need to just come up with something, put it out there, and cross fingers that it works out- which it typically does. There is usually a solid level of Grace given to folks that are volunteering and just trying to make any single day a little better for the less fortunate.

Particularly on the "open" days, if anyone is hanging around bored and wants to chip in for a few hours, or even just help clean the kitchen during/afterwards while avoiding serving on "the line"- that is also helpful and appreciated.

Schedule on any given day is typically-
  • 2:30/3:00 Start- ingredients assembled (By the folks who run the center) and anyone volunteering needs to be told what's being used in the recipe. You can't just show up, open their (massive) walk in fridge and just start cooking whatever you think looks cool... They do have a sign/up Registration and a Check In station- your hours are counted/tabulated (so in some companies, and for college planned students, this is an official way to get "credit" as well, and if you tab your own hours you want to fill in that you did volunteer work in the Knights form at the end of the year).
  • 3:00-4:00- prep. They have ovens, a giant boiling pot, stove tops- you name it for whatever is being cooked. There's also a salad bar and drink station. It's a kitchen, serving up to 200 people on any given night.
  • 4:00-4:30 - set up serving counter and salad bar- there are typically 2 or 3 folks that are passing the plates behind the glass to load with food to send back out to the line in front- it's similar to the way we do the fish fries, just a slightly smaller counter space.
  • 4:30- dinner begins, there's a bell, everyone gets in line and walks through. We give them all the food and they sit at the tables and eat. Typically it's self bussing, they bring the plates back to the dishwasher.
  • 5:30- dinner ends, the door is locked and we clean up.
  • 6:00- whole event ought to be done and everyone heads home.
  • Next Day- there is a "grab bag" in the main hall refrigerator with yesterday's dinner.
The fridge is open for pick up most days from like 10-1 or so and basically Nothing ever goes to waste and ideally folks get some food for both lunch And dinner.

All throughout the day, there is a dishwashing station (last night manned by Roger who is a regular and typically does that job) but there's always delivering the dirty pots/pans to the station, tidying up, putting away the clean dishes, sweeping etc happening.

So, in short, if you have a chance, go on down any time and chip in for a bit. It's a useful endeavor for a good cause. Everyone needs to eat.

We do have Our Stations and fish fry coming up this Friday evening as well as the Meeting on Monday.

Vivat Jesus!
John Pomeroy
Grand Knight
Sacred Heart Church Council 2656
What an awesome community of faith and friendship! It seems like every week we're seeing faces and friends that we haven't seen in a really long time, plus we're greeting many new faces as well! Thanks to all of who stopped by after the Stations of the Cross to enjoy a meal in our parish hall and enjoy the company of their fellow parishioners!
We've shaken off the rust and are hitting our stride with the second Fish Fry of Lent! Plus we got the chance to try out our new cart for the fryolater! Thanks to all of who stopped by after the Stations of the Cross to enjoy a meal in our parish hall and enjoy the company of their fellow parishioners!
It's always exciting to hold the first Lenten Fish Fry of the year. Nothing like the fresh smells and happy sounds when the frozen fries meet the boiling oil in our fryolater! On a cold evening, we had an awesome turnout of parishioners who stayed warm by enjoying a classic menu of fish and chips, cole slaw, and baked beans. Thanks to all of who stopped by after the Stations of the Cross to enjoy a meal in our parish hall and enjoy the company of their fellow parishioners!
Several of our Sacred Heart Knights joined parishioners to volunteer at the Listen Center dinner in White River Junction. Thanks to all who volunteered!
Sunday Donuts? Lenten Fish Fry? Easter Sunday breakfast? Fall Festival? Oktoberfest? Thanksgiving dinner? Christmas tree sales? Join the Sacred Heart Knights today and help make these future events a reality for your family and fellow parishioners!
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