Past Events from 2023

Expand each row to see pictures from past events. Thanks to Fr. Charles for sharing his photos from many of these!
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In what has become a joyous annual event for our Parish, the Sacred Heart Knights again helped Father Charles prepare and run the annual parish Christmas fundraiser. This event not only allows the community to purchase fresh cut trees to support Sacred Heart Parish, but also the opportunity for us to gather together outdoors to enjoy the warmth of a fire, the delight of hot cocoa, and the fellowship of one another.
The Sacred Heart Community Thanksgiving dinner delivered over 1500 meals to our friends and neighbors throughout the Upper Valley with the help of the Sacred Heart Knights and leadership of Len Angelli. Thanks to all who volunteered their time or made a donation to help make this year's dinner another successful and worthwhile event!
I don't know if any of us are German, but we do love Oktoberfest! Immediately following 4:00pm mass on Saturday, October 14, the Sacred Heart Knights hosted our annual Oktoberfest event (held since 2012!) in the Sacred Heart Church Hall. Delicious German food and desserts for all! Köstlich!
Our officers for the 2023-2024 fraternal year were inducted in a ceremony held in Sacred Heart Church. Congratulations to all of our officers, in particular our Grand Knight, John Pomeroy. Many thanks to all the wives, family members, parishioners, and Fr. Charles for attending our induction ceremony. Also special thanks to Allen Oulette, Our State Warden, who presided over the ceremony.
Our Knights were again in charge of the grill and fryolator at the annual Sacred Heart Church Fall Festival. What a delightful feast! Want to know what it takes to put this on? Here's the gameplan from our Grand Knight:

Gentlemen, This weekend is the Fall Festival. The Knights are running the food and we're putting on a chicken barbecue lunch, with corn on the cob and salad. On Saturday evening, after the 4PM mass ends, I'll be making the special sauce and just generally prepping the kitchen area so that Sunday everything runs smoothly. At the same time, there is a concerted effort underway to get tables and chairs from the basement upstairs and under a tarp before dark Saturday night. This will enable folks to set up the outside During the masses on Sunday with less banging and bumping. On Sunday morning, there are multiple steps to all of this for us- cooking the chicken in the oven, transferring to the silver containers, prepping the corn, getting the grills ready and the various serving areas etc. Of course we'll need to get the salad prepped and some breads laid out and I will have a couple of the veggie burgers ready to hopefully hit the grill first and sort of hide somewhere until they're requested.. We'll also have a couple jars of beans warmed up. I'm aiming to arrive at church about 8 Sunday. The Knights are in charge of the food, though there are a dozen things happening at the same time and Charlotte can always use help with the rest of the activities. Rumors abound regarding who will end up in the dunk tank... Please let me know if anyone has any specific questions/concerns and I am looking forward to another great event. Vivat Jesus! John Pomeroy

On a beautiful late summer morning, the Sacred Heart Knights again hosted Labor Day weekend donuts. Special thanks to all of our young parishioners who stopped by for a sweet treat after mass!
After the 9:30 Mass, the Sacred Heart Knights hosted a coffee, lemonade, and donuts social. Special thanks to all of our parishioners who stopped by for a sweet treat after Mass!
Thanks to all the Sacred Heart Knights who helped clean up the Sacred Heart kitchen. Now it's ready for our next event!
After the 9:30 Mass, the Sacred Heart Knights hosted a coffee, lemonade, and donuts social. Special thanks to all of our parishioners who stopped by for a sweet treat after Mass! It's awesome when the weather cooperates and we can hold these outdoors!
Following Sacred Heart Church's Corpus Christi procession, the Sacred Heart Knights hosted a parish barbecue for all to enjoy. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and watermelon were a real tasty treat on a beautiful day!
For Memorial Day, the Sacred Heart Knights visit Sacred Heart cemetery to put flags by the graves of our deceased members. Mass that day is also celebrated for their intention. After Mass, the Knights host a donut social as parishioners wait for the parade to pass by Sacred Heart Church.
Knights of Columbus councils cannot survive long-term without new members. During this evening’s ceremony we welcomed Maxwell, Morgan and Eric to Council 2656 as 3rd degree Knights to Sacred Heart Council. Thank you Herman and Joe for helping with the reading. We also had Greg from Hanover and Andrew and Rich from Henniker so there are now six new New Hampshire Knights!
After a joyful celebration of 9:30 Easter Mass at Sacred Heart Church, the Sacred Heart Knights again hosted a free Easter breakfast in the parish hall for all our parishioners. It featured a delicious menu of scrambled eggs, home fries, rolls, ham, french toast sticks and a variety of tasty pastries. Thanks to all who attended on this blessed day!
We are thankful for another year of our traditional Lenten Fish Fries, and grateful that we can provide these opportunities for fellowship to the Sacred Heart Church community. Thanks to all of our parishioners who stopped by after the Stations of the Cross to enjoy a meal in our parish hall! We hope to see many of you at our Easter breakfast after the 9:30am Mass on Easter Sunday!
What better way to spend a Friday evening than Stations of the Cross followed by a delicious traditional fish fry. Thanks to all of our parishioners who stopped by to pray, eat, and chat with the Sacred Heart community!
Wait...what's going on here? Cabbage and corned beef at a Fish Fry? That's right, with an abstinence dispensation from the Bishop, we combined a traditional St. Patrick's day meal with our Lenten Fish Fry. Thanks to all who showed the spirit and came dressed in green!
Fr. Charles was away, so Fr. Daniel did an excellent job of directing this week's Fish Fry. Can you believe we've already reached the halfway point of this year's Fish Fries? 3 down, 3 to go! Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend. Spring forward!
Now we're hitting our stride. Cooking fish is like riding a bike...without the bike? Thanks to all of our parishioners who stopped by after the Stations of the Cross to enjoy a meal in our parish hall, or to enjoy delicious takeout at home! Hope to see everyone and more next week!
We kicked off our first Lenten Fish Fry of 2023 with an amazing turnout of parishioners. All 4 food groups were on the menu: fish and chips, cole slaw, baked beans, and fresh fruit. Thanks to all of who stopped by after the Stations of the Cross to enjoy a meal in our parish hall and enjoy the company of their fellow parishioners!
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